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Ayr King

As a leading manufacturer of fresh fried food prep equipment, AyrKing offers durable, efficient products that allow operators to more quickly and more consistently prep the fried foods customers love. Our team has been engineering foodservice equipment solutions in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1972 – products built to deliver unmatched reliability and a perfectly prepared menu item every time.

AyrKing manufactures fresh fried food prep products at use in thousands of locations around the world, serving a number of large, international QSR chains. AyrKing’s automated lineup delivers greater throughput, consistency and quality – as well as significant ingredient savings so operators get the most out of their breading and frying oil.

You can visit AyrKing at www.ayrking.com and view related videos below.

Most Popular Products from Ayr King


Automated Breader


Drumroll automated breader

Automate your breading process. With the DrumRoll Automated Bread from AyrKing, operators can maximize valuable ingredients, increase batch efficiency, reduce the need for skilled labor and eliminate inconsistencies. While hand-breading can leave excess breading on product and shorten the life of cooking oil as it burns away, the DrumRoll is designed to not overcoat the product — reducing "blow-off" in the fryer and extending the life of your oil and your breading.


  • Save breading, save oil and save money
  • Drive consistency
  • İncrease product availability
  • Simplify operations
  • Integrated sifting
  • Easy cleaning

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.