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CREM develops, manufactures and markets the most extensive product range in the industry, leading the market in the design and manufacture of professional coffee solutions. We have a deep knowledge and appreciation for all the components that make coffee special – from the type of bean to the machine used, and everything in between.

We are passionate about creating the perfect coffee experience with innovative and versatile equipment. Our coffee machines provide superior in-cup quality and come with intuitive design for crafted coffee creations of all kinds.

Thanks to the perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology and the finest coffee tradition, Crem has designed a comprehensive second-to-none professional coffee machine portfolio.

You can visit Crem at www.crem.coffee.

Most Popular Products from Crem

Pulse 75 HS
Diamant Pro 3GR
Onyx Pro 2 GR
EX3 Mini 1 GR

Coffee Grinders

Pulse 75 HS

Automatic grinder, dispenser

Heavy duty professional coffee grinder with 75 mm CremTechâ„¢ flat burrs. Pulse not only perfectly suits our espresso coffee machines, but introduces a perfect balance between performance and functionality within the grinding process.


  • 75 mm flat burrs
  • High grinding speed up to 5.5 gr/sec, 0.2 gr consistency
  • Noise reduction
  • Easy-to-use digital display to set doses and counters
  • Single or double shot
  • Portafilter LED light
  • 2 kg hopper
  • Titanium coated burrs (increased endurance up to 2,000 kg)
  • Red Speed coated burrs (increased endurance up to 3,000 kg)

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.