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In the 1980s, a Swiss engineer invented the revolutionary "pacotizing" process. Swiss specialists developed this further to create the Pacojet, being manufactured exclusively in Switzerland ever since.

Its worldwide market launch in the year 1992 marked the beginning of a success story in which Pacojet established itself as the market leader and an indispensable gourmet device. Today it is found in the world's best restaurants and catering facilities.

Expanding far beyond ice creams and desserts, chefs have come to rely on their Pacojet to prepare exquisite savoury and sweet creations in each station of the kitchen. From delicious appetizers or main courses, delicate intermediate courses and tempting desserts -the Pacojet does it all.

You can visit Pacojet at www.pacojet.ch and view related videos below.

Most Popular Products from Pacojet

Colorful Beaker Lids
Coupe Set


Colorful Beaker Lids

Colorful Beaker Lids

Beaker lids in various colors, designed due to popular request and demand. Color definitions according to HACCP color code guidelines (except the color Gold).

The new colored lids are available in boxes of 10 in one particular color.

Please see the Specifications tab for the color definitions.

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.