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Product Details

Pacojet 2 PLUS

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Pacojet - Pacojet 2 PLUS

Pacojet 2 PLUS - Perfection à la minute.

The Pacojet 2 PLUS takes pacotizing to a whole new level. Thanks to the new programmable automatic repeat function, recipes can be pacotized up to 9 times with over pressure - saving you valuable time. Re-freezing between pacotizing cycles is no longer necessary. The innovative new blade locking system ensures that the "Gold-PLUS" pacotizing blade is securely anchored.

Intensive flavors, natural colors and vital nutrients are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions. With the repeat function, consistencies can be made even lighter and creamier.


  • New programmable automatic repeat function
  • New blade locking system ensures that the pacotizing blade "Gold-PLUS" is securely anchored.
  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Application specific portioning: process entire beakers at once or work micro-portion specific
  • Rescue function for processing overfilled beakers
  • Special programs for processing fresh, non frozen foods with Coupe Set:
    • Cutting / Chopping / Mixing / Whipping all without generating heat
  • Processing food with or without over-pressure
  • Portion counter to monitor utility to date
  • Simple, display-guided, system cleaning
  • New international Pacojet 2 PLUS recipe book

Beaker Capacity
1.2 L (max. fill 0.8 L)

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

Width 182 mm
Depth 360 mm
Height 498 mm

For more specifications about this product, please see the Resources tab on this page.

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