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Synthetic Pacotizing® Beaker

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Accessories - Synthetic Pacotizing® Beaker

Synthetic Pacotizing® Beaker

Expand your beaker assortment cost effectively with new transparent synthetic pacotizing® beakers and a compatible chrome steel protective outer beaker – an ideal addition for covering peak periods when a large number of pacotizing® beakers is required.

Recommendation: Keep a large supply of synthetic pacotizing® beakers (beyond the standard allocation of chrome steel beakers) in stock to meet the needs of catering or banquet services.

Suitable for:

  • Blast freezer
  • Water bath up to 90°C
  • Steamer up to 90°C
  • Dishwasher up to 90°C

Starter Kit

  • A chrome steel outer beaker holder
  • Plus 10 synthetic transparent pacotizing® beakers with sealable white lids

Important: The new synthetic transparent pacotizing® beakers can only be used with the chrome steel protective outer beaker holder.

Beaker Capacity
1.2 L (max. fill 0.8 L)

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

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