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Product Details

Coupe Set

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Accessories - Coupe Set

Coupe set

The state of the art design of Pacojet’s Coupe Set is a cut above conventional food processors. Instead of a fixed blade rotating on the base, the Pacojet blade (or whipping disk) rotates downward from the top – all the way through the contents – to achieve a uniform consistency. Cut, shop, mince, mix, blend and whip fresh foods all at the touch of a button.


  • Rotates through contents only once
  • Doesn’t generate heat from friction when grinding fresh meat and fish, preserving freshness and colour
  • Gently passes through herbs and spices, preventing separation of fluids
  • Blade retracts automatically back to starting position above beaker after processing
  • Turns 2lbs of fresh beef, salmon, tuna or shrimp into a fine tartar in just 60 seconds

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

The Coupe Set includes:
a 2-Blade Cutter For chopping
a 4-Blade Cutter For mousses, purées, terrines…
a Whipping Disk For liquid foods: whipping cream, beating egg…
a Cutter Tong To safely attach the sharp rotary cutters

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