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Product Details

HCW 3 / HCW 5

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Countertop Holding - HCW 3 / HCW 5

Display counter warmers, pass-through service, electric

Henny Penny display counter warmers are designed for accumulating, holding and displaying hot fresh food for serving or packing at the point of sale in retail food service operations. The HCW 3 and HCW 5 units feature upper radiant heat and lower element heat, humidified by a heated, auto-fill reservoir in the base.


  • Scratch resistant acrylic flip-up door panels
  • Humidified operation
  • Separate controls for upper heat, lower heat, water-temperature

Full-size sheet pans 457 x 660 mm
HCW 3: 3 sheet pans lengthwise HCW 5: 5 sheet pans lengthwise

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

HCW 3 Dimensions
Width 1543 mm
Depth 756 mm
Height 508 mm
HCW 5 Dimensions
Width 1543 mm
Depth 756 mm
Height 832 mm

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