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Product Details

SPA 160 - SPA 310

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Ice Storage Bins and Dispensers - SPA 160 - SPA 310

Ice dispenser

Designed for ice bucket filling in hotels, motels and resorts. These automatic-fill, floor standing ice dispensers meet the strict sanitary needs of the lodging, foodservice and healthcare industries. The high-volume dispensers feature a patented "push for ice" dispense mechanism and paddlewheel ice delivery technology.


  • Accepts 22" or 30" wide Manitowoc ice machine
  • Efficient built-in agitator assures 100% dispensing.
  • DuraTech exterior provides corrosion resistance.

Ice Storage Capacity

SPA 160
54.4 kg
SPA 310
   82 kg

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

For model SPA 160
Width 558.8 mm
Depth 787 mm
Height 1372 mm (w/o ice machine)
For model SPA 310
Width 762 mm
Depth 812.8 mm
Height 1537 mm (w/o ice machine)

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