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Product Details

85 Flexa E

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Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines - 85 Flexa E

Semi-automatic espresso machine

So flexible, so reliable. This espresso machine is flexible because it can be used with ground coffee, hard pods (E.S.E) and soft pods. It’s reliable because it guarantees a coffee with a thick and persistent cream thanks to an innovative brewing spout and because it is built with 85 series body universally known for its solidity.


  • 5-liter internal tank
  • Two stainless steel broilers (coffee and water/steam)
  • Two vibrating pumps
  • Two water softeners inside the tank
  • Electronic temperature regulation by probe
  • Available in 6 colors including Chromed

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

Width 380 mm
Depth 545 mm
Height 470 mm

For more specifications about this product, please see the Resources tab on this page.

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