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Product Details

CanPro Compact

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Food Preparation Equipments - CanPro Compact

Can Opener

Instead of cutting down vertically into the lid, the CanPro Compact cuts horizontally into the rim for improved food safety, as well as operator safety. Cutting from the outside, the blade assembly crimps as it cuts, eliminating the sharp edge that can slice hand or damage a spatula. Plus, it leaves no metal slivers that can fall into the food contents.


  • Never replace gears – this machine is gearless
  • Open cans without touching the inside of the can or food
  • Side cutting prohibits the lids from falling into the can
  • No sharp blades
  • Permanent or portable mounting

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

Please call... +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

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