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Product Details

HHC 980

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Smarthold Cabinets - HHC 980

Smarthold holding cabinet, electric

The equation is simple: longer holding times equal less wasted food. And that means bigger savings for you. The key to longer holding times is precise humidity control. Henny Penny SmartHold with automatic humidity control lets you select and maintain precise humidity levels in one-percent increments from 10% to 90% relative humidity.


  • Automatic humidity control
  • Countdown timers
  • Energy efficient
  • Proofing mode
  • Multiple configurations

10 full-size sheet pans (457 x 660 mm)

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

Width 628 mm
Depth 806 mm
Height 1835 mm

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