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Gas Fryers - 1814

High-Production Fryer, oil conserving, gas

Specifically designed to handle high production demands of a varied menu while conserving oil, energy and space. The 1814 large capacity fryers have a 63 lb (31 liter) frypot oil capacity. Two 1814 fryers can do the work of three standard fryers.


  • 45.7 x 35.6 x 9,5 cm frying area per 63lb gas tube frypot
  • SMART4U Lane controller has programmable cook buttons
  • Thermo-Tube heat transfer system
  • Temperature probe (1 degree compensating temperature probe)
  • Built-in Filtration

63 lbs (31 L) oil each frypot
118 lbs of frozen chicken nuggets/hr
100 lbs of French fries/hr
77 lbs of wings/hr (875 pieces)

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Product Specifications

11814 Dimensions
Width 508 mm
Depth 841 mm
Height 1213 mm

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