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Electric Fryers - OCF30ATOE

Ultimate Oil-Conserving and high performance fryer, electric

Specifically designed for ultimate oil conservation and high performance. The open stainless steel frypot is easy to clean. These fryers reduce operating costs by using less oil, 30-lbs versus 50-lbs. Oil life is maximized because the smaller frypot maintains a favorable ratio of fresh to used oil. This higher ratio of fresh oil slows down the accumulation of breakdown products that shortens oil life so the oil lasts longer. Less oil to fill and longer times between fills saves operators well over 40% on their oil costs.


  • 33 x 36 x 9.5 cm frying area per full frypot
  • 15 x 36 x 9.5 cm frying area per split frypot
  • 40% less oil, 10% less energy
  • SMART4U technology:
    • Oil Attendant Auto Top-Off
    • SMART4U 3000 Controller
    • Monitors equipment performance
  • Temperature probe (1 degree compensating temperature probe)
  • Innovative safety features

30 lbs (15 L) oil per full frypot

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Product Specifications

FPEL214CA Dimensions
Width 794 mm
Depth 786 mm
Height 1152 mm

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