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Product Details

Sota - Marine

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Rapid Cook Oven - Sota - Marine

Rapid Cook Oven, electric

Steam and cook with the same oven. The Sota Waterless Steamer (WS) oven utilizes the I-Series technology but is marine-grade stainless and able to withstand high steam and saline environments. Perfectly steam vegetables, meats, seafood, and more while saving over 150,000 gallons of water per year.


  • Uses the natural water in food or dish to steam food internally without a water line, drain, or filtration system
  • Marine grade stainless construction
  • Small footprint, only 16 inches wide
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 256 recipes
  • Pre-programmed with steam settings
  • Customizable menu settings via USB (for Sota Touch), smart card, or manual entry
  • Includes tutorial for cleaning and usage
  • Listed ventless operation
  • External air filtration
  • LED timer counts down last 30 seconds of cook time
  • Allows use of metal pans
  • Stackable design
  • Cloud-based wi-fi for remote menu management and data analysis

Cook Time
Steamed Shellfish, Clams, or Mussels (1 lb)
1 minute 35 seconds
Alaskan King Crab (1lb)
2 minutes
Steamed Mixed, Fresh Vegetables (1lb)
2 minutes

Please call us at +90 212 244 46 16 for more information.

Product Specifications

Width 406 mm
Depth 757 mm
Height 635 mm

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